A little introduction...

Meet your Big Homie.

California born and Dallas Texas raised recording artist OG-2G or Carey Woods is what he refers to himself as “motivational emcee” and has been releasing music for…a long time. His first album is entitled “What You Know About Tha Dirty South” – just to give you an idea.  A large and stout vessel of expression as well as a proponent for the under-represented, the rhymesayer and director is not limited to entertainment but also advocates for

the incarcerated through his series: Surviving the Justice System. OG-2G is a seasoned recording artist that truly wants the best for you. He’s Anybody’s Big Homie and he comes imparting wisdom – in fact we’re just going to refer to him simply as “the OG” from here on out. Other rappers seem to be stuck on making attempts to intimidate, but judging by his lyrics, the OG intends to motivate his listeners. 

He’s recently overcome some very tumultuous times, but he’s right back to making things happen with his music as well as his script writing. A quick search for “Hood of the Dead” on the YouTubes will put you face to face with a three part undead tale sprung forth from the mind of this forward thinking motivational mover of crowds. That series has taken a hiatus, but  it’s fourth installment along with a full length feature story is on the way.

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